Content Guidelines

Record Union is proud to support independent artists and labels worldwide in getting their music to the most important streaming, download and social services. We are an uncurated service delivering a wide range of genres. However, there are certain types of content that we do not deliver.

We are unable to deliver non-musical content, such as podcasts, nature sounds, ASMR, audiobooks, stand up comedy and spoken word.

There are some types of content that we are able to distribute, however this content needs to follow certain guidelines:

  • New Age and meditation content can only be delivered if it’s completely original music and does not match to content that’s already online. We do not accept meditation releases that are instrumental.
  • We accept music in the Classical genres, however we do not deliver classical music that’s in the public domain.

We will not distribute content that’s offensive or hateful, including content that:

  • Contains obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory material.
  • Promotes sexually explicit or violent material.
  • Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Promotes, advocates or assists in any illegal activity.
  • Threatens, harasses, upsets, embarrasses, alarms any other person or invades their privacy.
  • Impersonates any person.

Record Union will not deliver any releases identified by the content team as likely to be uploaded for the purposes of fraudulent or artificial streaming. This process includes a combination of methods, including but not limited to, analysis of the audio, metadata, cover art and account activity.

In addition, we cannot deliver continuous DJ sets, unofficial remixes, content that contains unlicensed samples, or content that infringes intellectual property rights, such as unlicensed reworks.

Cover art that contains copyrighted images, trademarked logos, website addresses or unnecessary information will not be accepted.

We accept tracks that use free or purchased instrumentals, and may request a receipt or license agreement to confirm rights of use. Please note that if tracks contain free or purchased instrumentals that don’t have an exclusive license, they cannot be delivered to certain music services.