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We create artist opportunities that boost your career in music.

News from The Record Union community

We're indies together

We're Indies Together

On June 27 we're hosting We’re Indies Together, a free one-day fundraising festival on the www.

Our goal with the festival is to support independent artists who are facing lost income due to canceled gigs as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Each act will receive a ground fee and we will open up to receive and match donations. Let’s put the ‘fun’ back into ‘fundraising’!

The time has come

The time has come

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”, Martin Luther King once said. That time is now.

It is our belief that every artist – of every color, and every background – should have equal rights and be able to make music and feel good doing it. Whilst we may not have all the right words to say, we refuse to remain silent any longer. Read our full statement and how we plan to move forward on our blog.

Starter pack to increase mental wellbeing among music makers

Starter pack to increase mental wellbeing among music makers

Record Union wants to create a healthier music climate. It is our belief that every artist should be able to make music and feel good doing it. This is why we, in an attempt to lower the barriers, have developed The Wellness Starter Pack - a toolbox for wellbeing, created with music makers in mind.

The Wellness Starter Pack is a collection of videos and articles that, with the help of industry experts, explore the impact that sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and positivity have on music makers’ mental health, along with actionable steps forward. By providing legitimate, science-based, and concrete information as well as tangible tools, we want to help music makers prioritize and take better care of their mental wellbeing.

Starting from $7/year

We believe that digital distribution should be available to all artists and labels. This belief is reflected in our pricing model.

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