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News from The Record Union community

Starter pack to increase mental wellbeing among music makers

Starter pack to increase mental wellbeing among music makers

Record Union wants to create a healthier music climate. It is our belief that every artist should be able to make music and feel good doing it. This is why we, in an attempt to lower the barriers, have developed The Wellness Starter Pack - a toolbox for wellbeing, created with music makers in mind.

The Wellness Starter Pack is a collection of videos and articles that, with the help of industry experts, explore the impact that sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and positivity have on music makers’ mental health, along with actionable steps forward. By providing legitimate, science-based, and concrete information as well as tangible tools, we want to help music makers prioritize and take better care of their mental wellbeing.

Record Union now offers TikTok distribution

Record Union now offers TikTok distribution

Independent artists can now use Record Union to get their music onto TikTok. The music will be available for TikTok users to integrate into video content, but also for artists to use in marketing and promotion efforts.

Record Union will monetize and pay out artist royalties when the music is used on TikTok.

Business as usual

COVID-19: How are we dealing with the current situation?

As you know, COVID-19 has now been declared a pandemic. We are doing business as usual, working from home, and no virus will affect our ability to distribute your incredible music to streaming services.

We know it’s a challenging time for you all right now as the impact on the music industry is massive. Make sure you stay healthy and take care of each other. And keep making music! We’ll be here to distribute whenever you are ready to share it with the world.

Get instant access to Spotify for Artists

Record Union partners up with Facebook and Instagram

Record Union now offers artists and music makers the opportunity to distribute their music to Facebook and Instagram. Distributed music will be available for fans and users to integrate into video content through a setup of features, but also for artists to use in promotion.

Record Union will monetize and pay out artist royalties when the music is used on Facebook and Instagram.

Record Union is a Spotify Preferred Partner

Record Union is a Spotify Preferred Partner

Record Union has been added to the list of Spotify’s preferred partners for artist distribution. As Spotify Preferred Partner, Record Union meets the following criteria:

  • World-class metadata quality, ensuring transparent and correct data
  • Sophisticated functionality to prohibit infringement
  • Deep integrations with Spotify For Artists to support independent artists and help them grow their careers
  • Fast and reliable distribution ensuring high quality overall

Get instant access to Spotify for Artists

Get instant access to Spotify for Artists

Get performance stats, promote your music and fine-tune your Spotify artist profile with Spotify for Artists. With Record Union you get instant access to your Spotify for Artists profiles.

Spotify has over 200 million users across 79 markets. With over 50 million tracks on the platform, making your artist profile stand out is more important than ever. Sign up with Record Union and get instant access to Spotify for Artists today.

Record Union donates $30 000 to prevent mental illness among music makers

Record Union donates $30 000 to prevent mental illness among music makers

More than seven out of ten (73%) independent music makers have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their music creation. Of those, one out of three (33%) have experienced panic attacks.

To take action and contribute to a healthier music climate, Record Union is donating $30,000 to enable projects that aim to prevent or treat mental illness among music makers.

Between the 7th of May and the 2nd of June, we’ve collected over 200 projects. 45 of them met the pre-defined criteria and were published on this site. Thereafter, a public voting phase, ending on the 16th of June, followed. The ten projects that received the most votes met a panel of experts who in turn selected the projects to be awarded with the donation. You can read more about the expert panel below.

Visit the project page to find out which projects have been awarded with the donation.

The independent tag

The Independent tag

The global independent market share of recorded music is almost 30 percent, but out of streaming it is only 19.5 percent. The rest is controlled by three major record labels. This means that independent music makers are struggling even more in the era of streaming.

To change this, we want the streaming services to acknowledge independent music by integrating the most important tag for independent content. Click below to read our open letter to Amazon, Apple, Spotify and YouTube and read more about the initiative.

The Most Important Playlist of The Week

Independent Music Friday

Every Friday, Record Union presents and highlights new music from independent artists in Independent Music Friday. The purpose is to give independents a new platform to be seen, noticed and acknowledged. The only criteria to be featured is to be a Record Union artist with a new release.

Make sure to upload your music at least 10 days before your desired release date (so there’s enough time for us to review and fall in love with it).

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We believe that digital distribution should be available to all artists and labels. This belief is reflected in our pricing model.

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