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SAM & Elin in the Record Union studio

News from The Record Union community

Photo: Adrian Pehrson & Emma Svensson - Studio Emma Svensson

Better exposure towards the talent Team at Sony Music

We recently made a big upgrade to our Discovery tool. This is the tool used by the talent team at Sony Music to listen, follow and discover artists who use Record Union to release their music.

These new updates provide Sony Music an even better environment to discover artists who release music with us and therefore increase the chances of getting signed.

We have some other Discovery announcements coming up - so stay tuned.

Coffee and Albin for breakfast

Check out talented Record Union artist Albin Lee Meldau performing at our latest Breakfast Sessions in March.

Breakfast Sessions is a showcase event that we host at our office in Stockholm once a month. Artists who release their music with Record Union become available to our talent team, who handpicks artists and bands for Breakfast Sessions. Want to perform? Start by signing up to Record Union.

Melik on TIDAL Rising

Melik on TIDAL Rising

“Makes you think of The Weeknd" – that's how TIDAL's editorial team describes Melik, another artist who released with Record Union and was featured on TIDAL Rising (former TIDAL Discovery).

As a promotional partner, Record Union actively pitches artists to TIDAL Rising on a regular basis. Sign up with Record Union and improve your chances to rise with TIDAL.

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We believe that digital distribution should be available to all artists and labels. This belief is reflected in our pricing model.

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