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Unlimited releases, fixed monthly price

Artist Unlimited

The mind-blowing freedom to release whenever.
Unlimited releases for
3 main artists
$4.99/month Add Social Media Bundle +$1.99/month Upgrade your royalty share (from 85% to 92.5%) +$4.99/month

Label Unlimited

For indie labels with up to 10 artists in the roster.
Unlimited releases for
10 main artists
$9.99/month Add Social Media Bundle +$3.99/month Upgrade your royalty share (from 85% to 92.5%) +$9.99/month

More plans

Pay-Per-Release No free trial
Label Unlimited Plus For more than 10 artists

Included in Unlimited

Unlimited releases Release as much music as you like for a fixed monthly price.
All streaming and download services included Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Beatport, and many more.
Add our Social Media Bundle Get your music on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.
Get more revenue! Maximize your royalty share from 85% to 92.5%.
Instant access to Spotify for Artists Get daily stats, promote your music, and fine-tune your Spotify artist profile.
Best-in-class customer support You got questions. We got answers. 100% human.
Top metadata scoring Meaning uploads go through the machinery without hassle.
2 week delivery Your music can be available to listeners worldwide just 2 weeks after you submit it. We’re usually even faster than that! We’ll be back to our 1-week delivery time soon.